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Parent Information

Childcare Twickenham

A Partnership with Parents

We work hard to build positive relationships with our parents to ensure they are respected, listened to, and supported. We always welcome ideas and suggestions to help improve the service we provide.

The most important communication for us, is through our daily short encounters with parents during pick up and drop-off. Through these exchanges we learn vital information about your little ones, their routines, care needs or simply sharing a funny story!

Our friendly Nursery Managers are also always available and willing to answer any questions or feedback you may have.

Parent Evenings

We also hold parents evening twice a year to give parents the chance to discuss their child’s progress with their key worker. We really enjoy this opportunity to meet with parents; to find out more about their child, share feedback from development at nursery and help us form a more holistic view of their child’s development. We also enjoy our little chats at the start and end of the day with parents during pick up and drop-off!

Stay & Play

We organise regular ‘stay and play’ sessions throughout the year to provide parents with the opportunity to see how their child’s day at nursery is spent. During this time parents can enjoy taking part in activities with their little one – singing songs, getting messy with an art activity, or joining in during circle time!